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Interior Landscaping Connecticut


avantgardenct.com Kathleen Neth

Avant Garden, LLC Owner Kathleen       Neth-Interior Landscaping                                Stamford

Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth, founded Avant Garden, LLC Interior Landscaping Connecticut in 1982.  Her passion for plants started at the age of six when she saw a neighbor’s tree growing through the roof of their porch. Her fascinations with nature lead her to an early career in horticulture.

Kathleen and her staff have continued passionately over the years to provide interior landscaping in Connecticut. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

For over the 30 plus years Avant Garden, LLC’s interior landscaping Stamford has been in business, design trends have changed dramatically.  At its conception Avant Garden, LLC installed tropical foliage plants in atriums that mainly provided a gathering place for employees. These atriums boasted large palms and ficus trees its the upper most peek.  The under plantings would occasionally adorn the atriums with lush green ferns.  There was always the splash of color, usually chrysanthemums in an array of different hues.

Design trends changed as the industry grew.  Interior Landscaping became a status symbol. The corner office was prime real estate among top executives.  Important locations boosted the large Ficus benjamina in a round white plastic container. The executives under the main personnel would get a smaller plant.  Smaller and smaller plants as you went down the chain of command.


Lush atrium’s are a thing of the past.  Companies are implementing an open floor plan. Employees work space is a cubicles.  Avant Garden, LLC’s interior landscaping Stamford installs rectangular planters and round cylinder floor plants.  Brushed brass and polished chrome containers are used  as the planters for the plants they install.

More recently design trends were sporting a “minimalistic look”.  The round brass or polished chrome cylinder was replaced with bright colored fiberglass square planters.  The lush look of an abundance of plants is substituted with a individual plant in a high gloss tall planter to match the stark look of the contemporary office/lobby…creating living art.

At present the interior landscaping industry is embracing the air-filtering concepts that plants purify the air. Avant Garden, LLC realized the benefits of plant to filter harmful air borne toxins and pollutants in our indoor living spaces.  Interior offices canoodle a renaissance of the lush tropical foliage.  Living walls, moss walls, and vertical plant panels growing on, in and around our living spaces are the new atriums.  Not too far from the tree that Kathleen Neth, owner of Avant Garden, LLC remembers growing through the roof of her neighbor’s porch.

Avant Garden, LLC is a woman owned minority business and Kathleen Neth is the sole proprietor.

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