August: A Time of Transition

August: A Time of Transition

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And The Perfect Opportunity to Reassess and Redirect

August is a time of transition. The last, full month of the season, August is the time that we enjoy every last drop of Summer’s essence before Fall. However, there’s never been an August quite like this before. In the wake of COVID-19 and uncertainty about the Delta variant, the word, “transition” takes on new meaning.

As Summer winds down, our focus shifts from a vacation mentality to refocusing on work and school. Yet, this year, a transition that’s usually relaxed and contemplative has an edge and urgency to it. How can we minimize the stress of returning to the workplace—or for that matter, working virtually from home?


Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

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In a recent blog post, we cited The Many Benefits of Plants in the Workplace. So let’s think out of the box for a moment and reassess this from a different perspective. While many workers are transitioning back to traditional workplaces, many workers still prefer if not insist on working from home.

Guided by Avant Garden’s expertise, savvy employers are increasing workforce productivity and well being while minimizing employee stress, by making plants an integral part of their workplace. How can employers increase productivity and well being for those members of their workforce who continue to work virtually? Simple: foster and fund more plants in your employees’ virtual/home work environments!

The evidence that plants improve workplaces as well as some of the most important aspects of business and workforce well being is well documented. It’s simply more relevant now than ever, in the post-pandemic push to return to a semblance of normalcy. Yet, many workers are still ambivalent about returning to traditional workplaces, if not downright opposed.

For those who continue to work virtually, there are plenty of other stresses—such as balancing work and home life, and the demands and distractions of the home environment—issues that well-chosen plants can also help with.

In addition to assisting clients to improve traditional workspaces, Avant Garden works with employers to bring the benefits of plants into employees’ home workspaces, too!

Through our proven expertise, specialized Home Office Plant Guidelines, and ability to bulk purchase plants and containers, we’re helping employers improve their employee’s individual, virtual workspaces affordably.

Plants in Home Workspaces


Plants that are best suited to smaller, more intimate workspaces may differ from those that flourish in larger, traditional work environments. Avant Garden’s award-winning expertise is now available to your employees through our Virtual Home Office Program.

Plants for Large Workspaces

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Contact your Virtual Home Office professionals at Avant Garden. We streamline the process of bringing the benefits of plants to your entire workforce, including employee’s who work virtually!

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