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We’ve created an online space specifically for built environment professionals like you, to help you incorporate biophilic design in your projects—and to present this trend more effectively to your clients. You’re invited to explore and take full advantage of our Architects & Design Professionals Portal.

Living Wall Composite
Low Light Level Gallery

Avant Garden is the award winning, interior plantscaping resource of choice throughout Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. We work closely with architectural firms, interior design studios and other built environment professionals to make interior horticultural design more accessible and practical to implement—and easier to present to clients.

You’ll find extraordinarily useful and indispensable tools and resources in our Architects and Design Professionals Portal.

Our Light Level Galleries not only demystify the process of selecting plants by the light levels they prefer: low, medium, or high—they give you the ability to make more impressive client presentations. Additionally, our Flowering Plant Galleries help you select and recommend the perfect complement of flowering plants to your commercial and/or residential clients.

We also offer a large and comprehensive selection of plant containers in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes—yet another way to enhance horticultural design presentations to your clients.


Your clients will also want to protect and maintain their investment in plants. We not only design and consult on interior plantscapes, we also offer comprehensive plant maintenance programs.

Bamboo Palm

Using our Architects & Design Professionals Portal is as easy as it’s convenient—simply visit our Portal Information Page, register and login at:

The possibilities for combining different types of plants and containers are virtually limitless—login and start exploring our Portal NOW.

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Enjoy your Avant Garden Architects & Design Professionals Portal experience—and start making your client presentations more effective and compelling than ever before.

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Kathleen Neth, IHD*

Kathleen Neth

Since 1982, Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth and her staff provide interior landscaping in Connecticut and New York. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

*Certified Interior
Horticultural Designer.