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Atrium Renovation – Office Plants

  Atrium Renovation Being contacted by the Architects to upgrade a thirty year old Atrium excites us like the anticipation a roller coaster ride. Long ago, tropical interior gardens were all the rage. Long ago, corporate meetings took place in the atrium .   Commercial buildings were constructed with atriums in mind.  Large green plants underplanted with shrub-like plants we all that. [...]

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Moss Panels

  MOSS PANELS Moss Panel products composed of stabilized-lichen embedded in a plant base. Otherwise known as reindeer moss, it advantageously regulates interior moisture levels and cleanse the air. This lichen is quite strong, requiring no irrigation, or even natural light to thrive. Soft Green Moss This moss is a maintenance free garden especially produced to enhance your interior. [...]

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Living Walls, Living Pictures, and MossTiles/Moss Panels

Living Walls, Living Pictures, and MossTiles/Moss Panels Living Walls Stamford Living Walls Stamford such a brilliant concept.  Transforming any vertical surface into a wall of plants - it is amazing! The opportunities are endless. Plants of different colors and textures are added to create a stunning site of lush foliage.  Not only visually appealing but Living Walls offer major health benefits. [...]

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Office Plants Stamford, CT

AVANT GARDEN, LLC Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth, founded Avant Garden, LLC in 1982.  Her passion for plants started at the age of six when she saw a neighbor’s tree growing through the roof of their porch. Her fascinations with nature lead her to an early career in horticulture. It is with this passion that Kathleen and her staff have continued over the [...]

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Health Benefits of Plants

HEALTH BENEFITS OF PLANTS For people who desire a clean, healthy environment, plants are essential at both work and home. Here is a quick overview of the key health benefits of plants can provide: Health Benefit of Plants - Reduces air pollution: Plants absorb harmful airborne contaminants and emit clean oxygen into the air for us to breathe. Some plants [...]

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Transition to Christmas

TRANSITION TO CHRISTMAS Every year it seems the transition to Christmas comes earlier and earlier.  Mostly the retail stores are setting up for the Christmas buying season by Halloween.  The trees, wreaths, Santa visits, nativity scenes, and all the sparkle and glitter displayed for all to see.  It's a wonderful time of year. However, it seems to go right over [...]

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Fall Displays

Autumn: Avant Garden, LLC  has installed seasonal fall displays in building lobbies for their clients.  They used corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins, chrysanthemums, ornamental kale and gourds.  Noticeably,  the beautiful fall colors soften the granite lobbies much to the delight of the building tenants and visitors. The fall displays make such a wonderful addition.  The people walking by enjoy the seasonal [...]

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