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Despite COVID-19 variants slowing the return to traditional workplaces, the pandemic is ultimately inspiring business owners and workers, alike to innovate new ways of navigating the world of commerce.

The pandemic has temporarily stymied the efforts of architects and interior designers to bring full-blown biophilic design into traditional workspaces. However and somewhat ironically, it is also creating new biophilic design opportunities—and entirely new market segments for architectural and interior design innovators.


The first of these new opportunities that the pandemic is advancing is for leading architec and interior designers to use biophilic designeven on a limited basisas a means of helping businesses attract workers back to the office. The benefits of plants* in the workplace are well-documented, ranging from promoting health and well being, relieving stress, and helping oxygenate the workplace
environment—to beautifying offices, while creating relaxing  spaces that promote creativity and innovation.

*For additional information, please see our website and recent blog posts.

The second opportunity lies in using biophilic design to enhance and reimagine the typical worker’s new workplace reality: their home office. Just as much if not more than the positive effects plants have on shared work spaces, plants can work wonders on the performance of individuals—by creating comfortable, secluded work spaces that help filter out and insulate against the distractions of the home environment.

Savvy, forward-thinking architects and interior designers are incorporating biophilic design as an integral part of their strategy, taking full advantage of these new business opportunities.

For over three decades Avant Garden has been at the forefront of biophilic design.

Avant Garden founder and owner, Kathleen Neth, IHD* (pictured at right) and her capable Staff Members assist professionals and clients direct to incorporate biophilic design in commercial as well as residential built environments.

*Certified Interior Horticultural Designer.

Bamboo Palm

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Kathleen Neth, IHD*

Kathleen Neth

Since 1982, Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth and her staff provide interior landscaping in Connecticut and New York. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

*Certified Interior
Horticultural Designer.