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Avant Garden, LLC

Avant Garden, LLC provides a wide range of interior horticultural services, including design, installation and maintenance. Avant Garden, LLC presents our professional services to office managers, business owners, corporate executives, building managers and any other customers who want to enjoy unique interiors with plants.  Avant Garden, LLC, with office plants, creates natural beauty in any type of indoor environment. Tropical foliage, decorative containers and splashes of natural color set a mood of sophistication to enhance your home or business environment.

Lemon Lime Dracaenas
Lemon Lime Dracaenas

Distinctive Horticultural Design

Our unique interior landscaping style creates distinctive designs for office plants Stamford, paired with knowledgeable plant maintenance for healthy, natural decor elements. Our horticultural experience means we know how to choose plants that will adapt to the lighting requirements of your environment - horticulturally as well as aesthetically.  We will care for them with excellence to ensure that they always look fresh, healthy and beautiful...guaranteed!  Our ongoing maintenance plan provides your office plants the following professional services:
Watering: We will keep your plants hydrated and happy.
Pruning and trimming: We will tidy up your plants to ensure that they are looking their best.
Feeding: Fertilization is an important component of plant care.
Rotating: Plants tend to lean towards the light, phototropism, rotating them keeps them even.
Cleaning: We will dust, trim, and clean the leaves and pick up any dropped or yellowing foliage.
Guarantee:  We will replace those plants which show deterioration, guaranteed.

Award-Winning Interior Landscaping Services

Our design experience means we can create customized vignettes that reflect your personal taste and individual style. You may wish for a particular style for your office plants that is contemporary and speaks to your eloquent interior design, or you may prefer a traditional look that enhances the architecture of your business location. We can create grand displays for large spaces, or we can provide intimate designs for tabletops and executive offices. Avant Garden, LLC provides award-winning interior landscaping services that will provide a touch of class to your business and office decor.
We focus on customer satisfaction, and we offer unique services to meet your specific needs. The customized services we provide include:
Seasonal plant rotation: We will change your selection throughout the year to reflect the season.
Post-consumer recycled containers: We care about your environmentally friendly business.
Hand-picked tropical foliage: We choose office plants Stamford based on horticultural knowledge and aesthetics.
Creative holiday displays: We can design attractive seasonal decor for the holidays.
Handcrafted floral arrangements: Live cut flowers arranged in beautiful displays add elegance to your office or lobby.

Our Special Offer for New Customers

We know that you will enjoy and appreciate the beautiful office plants Stamford we can bring to your business or home environment. We offer a $100 credit to our new customers who sign up for a one-year service agreement. The $100 can be applied to the purchase of live plants, decorative containers or our interior landscaping services.

Contact Avant Garden, LLC Today

Please contact Avant Garden, LLC today to schedule your new service agreement and choose your office plants and containers for your new interior landscaping decor. We will design elegant displays, install them with skill and professionally maintain them with our experienced and skilled horticultural knowledge.
Reflecting Arboricola Schefflera Braided
Avant Garden, LLC's                                        Reflecting Arboricola Schefflera Braided