Authorized, Registered Training Now Available from Avant Garden for Authentically Green Interiors (AGI) & Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution

Avant Garden owner/operator and founder, Kathleen Neth has augmented her credentials as an IHD* once again to encompass Authorized, Registered Trainer status regarding two additional areas of expertise: Authentically Green Interiors (AGI); and Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution.

*Certified Interior Horticultural Designer.

As with their Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) registered training, Neth and Avant Garden are now offering AGI and Moss Walls continuing education credits (CEUs) FREE of charge to built environment professionals including architects, interior designers, building managers and others.

Note: Avant Garden is an approved provider to AIA, IDCEC, ASID, BOMI, ASLA and USGBC Members.

As a built environment professional, attending an Avant Garden Authentically Green Interiors (AGI) training seminar complements the content and nature of what youʼll learn in an Avant Garden GPGB training seminar—broadening your awareness and grasp of the many options and possibilities for increasing employee health, well being and productivity through the cost-effective use of plants in the workplace. In fact, the AGI program was developed by the Green Plants for Green Buildings team as an extension and natural outgrowth of their program.

AGI promotes the incorporation of plants in built environments and workplaces in particular, based on four, distinct features that plants offer:

  • The Aesthetic Qualities of Plants
  • The Environmental Benefits of Indoor Plants
  • The Positive Effects of Plants on Human Health & Well Being in the Workplace; and
  • The Profound Impact of Plants on Workforce Productivity & Creativity.       

AGI & The Astonishing Power of Plants in the Workplace

Here are two examples of the extraordinary research findings that built environment professionals learn about in Avant Gardenʼs Authentically Green Interiors (AGI) seminars.

Human assets are by far the most valuable (and expensive) assets in any business—the square footage costs of which are approximately 10x total building operating costs, and 100x energy costs. Regardless of how one increases human productivity, businesses win BIG—and one of the greatest impediments to workplace productivity is stress.

In widely acclaimed, groundbreaking research (meticulously documented in our AGI seminar and materials), studies have shown that workers in office settings with plants are 12% more productive and less stressed, with 12% faster reaction times than employees in workspaces devoid of plants

Next, plants have profoundly positive effects on the attitudes and buying habits of consumers, and their willingness to spend in plant-rich environments. Research indicates that shoppers rate the quality of goods and services in a retail environments with plants 30% HIGHER, while spending 12% MORE—see also the Economic Benefits (of Plants) sector of this website.

Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution

Similarly, our Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution training focuses on this elegantly simple and imminently affordable way of bringing the benefits of green walls into the workspace. Moss is one of Natureʼs most fascinating mysteries. Neither living nor dead, Moss is plant life in suspended animation—a dormant life form sought after in environmental design for its calming, peaceful and aesthetic qualities.

As corporate leaders and small business owners, alike grapple with how best to attract workers back to offices and workplaces in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Moss Walls are among the most innovative and cost-effective plant-based design solutions for promoting health, positive behaviors, well being and workforce productivity.

Contact Us soon to schedule your Authentically Green Interiors (AGI); and Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution educational seminars. Start earning valuable CEUs FREE of charge, while learning how you can start making enormous strides in worker health, well being and productivity!

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Kathleen Neth, IHD*

Kathleen Neth

Since 1982, Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth and her staff provide interior landscaping in Connecticut and New York. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

*Certified Interior
Horticultural Designer.