Green Walls

Green Walls

In addition to our other Services, Avant Garden specializes in transforming your office or home walls into gorgeous, vertical gardens—sustainable plantscapes known as Green Walls.

Best of all, no matter how modest or grand your budget—Avant Garden has the tools and expertise to bring your Green Wall dreams to life.

Photos courtesy of EcoWalls.

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Green Walls offer a unique opportunity to connect with Nature through lush gardens on interior walls, free standing structures and other impervious, vertical surfaces. The state of the art in horticulture, Green Walls enhance the aesthetics of living and work spaces, while also providing the Economic & Health Benefits of Plants.

We are Green Wall architects, working closely with our strategic partners, EcoWall®, GSky®, Architectural Supplements and BioMontage®—leading manufacturers and distributors of vertical plant systems. We design, install and maintain the Green Wall solution(s) that best fit your particular needs, budget and vision. For example, where ample natural light is available, or if supplemental lighting is needed to achieve the desired effect and support healthy growth, we design and advise accordingly. Where lower light levels /or budget constraints dictate, we design equally attractive, cost-conscious alternatives such as Moss Walls. We offer moveable Green Wall room dividers, as well.

We work with a wide range of vertical plant systems—enabling the best possible solution for your exacting needs, budget and tastes. Using innovative design, sustainable materials, modular inserts and panels, hydroponics, automated irrigation and ingenious engineering throughout— we oversee all aspects of Green Wall design, installation and maintenance.

Contact us—start greening your work & living spaces beautifully and affordably, NOW!

Photos at right and immediately below courtesy of BioMontage. Photo at lower right courtesy of GSky. Visit our Gallery to view these and more images at full size.