Avant Garden’s Kathleen Neth Achieves Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) Registered Trainer Status

Avant Garden owner/operator and founder, Kathleen Neth recently attained the position of Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) Registered Trainer—augmenting her credentials as an IHD (Certified Interior Horticultural Designer).

This new position allows Kathleen and Avant Garden to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to architects, interior designers, building managers and other built environment professionals—which they’ve opted to do FREE of charge.

This latest addition to Avant Garden’s suite of Services enhances the company’s ongoing efforts to avail built environment professionals of the latest research regarding the positive influence of plants on workforce health, creativity and productivity.

Especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the importance of plants in the workplace and their well documented positive effects have been thrust to the forefront. Savvy, well informed decision makers from corporate leaders to small business owners owe it themselves—not to the mention to the health, well being and productivity of their workforces—to take full advantage of this offer. By attending a FREE Avant Garden official GPGB seminar, built environment professionals automatically receive valuable, readily applicable knowledge and CEUs.

Note: Kathleen Neth, IHD is an approved provider to AIA, IDCEC, ASID, BOMI, ASLA and USGBC Members.

Natural surroundings have a profound effect on the well being and overall productivity of humans. Research indicates that incorporating plants into the built environment is a cost- effective means of achieving a wide range of positive outcomes, most notably significant increases in employee productivity.

The Human Spaces Global Report On The Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace, a recent, major international study involving over 7,600 office workers in 16 countries* indicates that employees who work in environments with natural elements, i.e. plants achieve:

  • 15% Higher Levels of Well-Being;
  • 6% Greater Productivity; and
  • 15% More Creativity Overall.

*Including the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Denmark and Spain.

Additionally, this groundbreaking report revealed that office design was so important to over 33% of global respondents that it would “unequivocally affect their decision whether or not to work somewhere.” Yet, more than half of all workspaces (58%) have NO plants, whatsoever.

Most notably, additional supporting data including from such entities as NASA, a 10-year study by Exeter University (UK), the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and The Agricultural University of Norway indicate that working in a plant-rich environment can increase productivity by as much as 15%, as well as a host of other positive effects—see also the Economic Benefits (of Plants) sector of this website.

Perhaps best of all, introducing plants and green walls into your work environment is one of, if not THE most cost-effective things you can do to improve business productivity—as well as employee satisfaction and retention.

Contact Us soon to schedule your Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) educational seminar. Start earning valuable CEUs FREE of charge, while learning how you can start making enormous strides in worker health, well being and productivity!

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Kathleen Neth, IHD*

Kathleen Neth

Since 1982, Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth and her staff provide interior landscaping in Connecticut and New York. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

*Certified Interior
Horticultural Designer.