Our Living Wall

Built October 7, 2018

Our LIVING WALL is made up of 90 tropical foliage plants with five different varieties. We have included two varieties of Epipremnum aureum; jade and neon, commonly known as Pothos, a species of flowering plant in the family of Araceae.

Among the other air purifying plants in our LIVING WALL is the beautiful Pink Allusion Nephthytis Syngonium (Goose Foot Plant).

Currently we have our seasonal pink bromeliads with their striking, colorful foliage called Neoregelia. Bromeliads are a family of tropical plants that includes the pineapple. They are nearly all from Latin America and the Caribbean islands.

Nevertheless, our LIVING WALL has also been planted with a splatter of Crested Japanese Birdsnest Fern ‘Leslie’ Asplenium antiquum. Although they resemble lettuce- it is not recommended to ingest it.

Our LIVING WALL provides many benefits to our workplace and visitors. Most importantly, our LIVING WALL absorbs toxins (VOC emissions) and emitting oxygen for us to breathe. Plants have a calming effect too and raise efficiency by increasing concentration and productivity.

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Kathleen Neth, IHD*

Kathleen Neth

Since 1982, Interior Horticultural Designer, Kathleen Neth and her staff provide interior landscaping in Connecticut and New York. Avant Garden, LLC delivers lush, attractive plants and container designs for many leading building owners, property managers, and office managers throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

*Certified Interior
Horticultural Designer.