Relearning What You Thought You Knew About Plants

Relearn What You Thought You Knew About Plants

September is more than just ‘Back to School’ time. Especially this year, as just about every aspect of life including commerce is being rethought, “Relearning What You Thought You Knew About Plants” can actually improve your business bottom line.

Throughout our last few blog posts, we’ve been sharing the many benefits of plants in the workplace with our clients and online community. Just as the world thought it could beat a hasty retreat from the pandemic, the Delta variant changed everything—hastening the need for innovative ways of improving the work environment.

Another great thing about “Relearning What You Thought You Knew About Plants” is that there’s no need of cramming for final exams, never mind tests or pop quizzes—all you have to do is embrace plants in the workplace. You’ll get an A+ from your employees, as you start to see the benefits of plants in a variety of ways!

GraduationWelcome to “Plants 101”

One of the best, most sustainable ways of attracting employees back to traditional office workplaces, as well as enhancing remote/virtual work environments is the introduction of plants. Most importantly, plants have been shown to increase productivity, creativity and employee well being—while reducing workplace stress and absenteeism.

Plants 102: 8 Great Ways Plants Improve Workspaces

By boning up on our May 2021 blog post you’re well on your way to an early graduation! Rich in useful facts about plants in the workplace, this post sums up everything that forward-thinking business owners and managers need to know in order to make plants central to their success.

Plants 103 – August: A Time of Transition

In our most recent post, August: A Time of Transition, we study a different school of thought, whereby plants enhance the virtual/remote workspace, as well. Getting onboard with the latest thinking in workplace plants will earn you “extra credit” for being ahead of the curve.

Plants 104: Implementing Your New-Found Knowledge

Believe it our not, that’s it—you’ve graduated! Now it’s up to you to put what you’ve learned into practice by making every workspace that’s parts of your business, traditional and/or virtual/remote, a plant-rich environment!

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Kathleen Neth

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